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Nov 05,  · The average NBA player will have a wingspan 4 inches greater than his height. Wingspan is a key measurement because it allows a player of a lesser stature to compete with players who may be physically taller than them. Take a look at the great defenders in the NBA, and the one common thread you will find in all of them is an impressive wingspan.

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Jul 20,  · The two tallest ever MLB players are pitchers who were just under 7-feet: Jon Rauch and Sean Hjelle, with the latter currently playing for the San Francisco Giants. Here’s a ranking of players who were 6-feet-9 or taller, with one position dominating the list: T Jon Rauch (P): 6-foot Rauch is probably the first player to come to mind. Mar 07,  · As an NBA lover, you will undoubtedly witness moments where the athletes seem to be floating, moments where their achievements seem to be making a huge impact. Exclusively, the highest vertical leap in the NBA is 48 inches, which belongs to Michael Jordan. Moreover, The U.S. Olympic team tested Jordan’s vertical jump while on tour in