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SPSS Cronbach’s Alpha Output I. For reliability, SPSS only offers listwise exclusion of missing values: all results are based only on N = 85 cases having zero missing values on our 5 analysis variables or “items”. Cronbach’s alpha = You can usually ignore Cronbach’s Alpha Based on Standardized Items: standardizing variables into z-scores prior to computing scale .

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The scale that is constructed from these 6 questionnaire items has a Cronbach’s alpha of The 4 th questionnaire item (Q4) has the weakest correlation with the other items, and removing this questionnaire item from the scale would improve the reliability, increasing Cronbach’s alpha to . Dec 16,  · The reliability coefficient Cronbach’s α for the overall GAD-7 scale is , which is greater than the recommended value of suggesting excellent reliability. Besides, there is no alpha for any of the items which is greater than the overall alpha, suggesting excellent reliability even if an item is deleted (Column VI, Table 2). Jul 05,  · If your Cronbach Alpha is low, that means some of your items are not representatives of the domain of behaviour. What you can do to improve the reliability is to remove some odd items (items less.

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Some clever mathematician (Cronbach, I presume!) figured out a way to get the mathematical equivalent a lot more quickly. Comparison of Reliability Estimators. Each of the reliability estimators has certain advantages and disadvantages. Inter-rater reliability is one of the best ways to estimate reliability when your measure is an observation. The reliability and validity of the MQLI were established in the original validation study (Cronbach’s alpha ) and in the Norwegian validation study (Cronbach’s alpha ) [27,33]; however, investigations about the validity and reliability of the MQLI-3 items have not been conducted among nurses.